Eshtehard Alloys Company

Eshtehard Alloys Company (Aliazhsazan Eshtehard), was established after twenty years of experience in the field of Fe-Si-Mg production in Nashkansaz Company, with partnership with other active people in metal industry, was established in 2012.

This company started its trial production after attaining necessary permits, purchasing and installing of the furnace over two years, in mid-2014.

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TEL : 44054210 , 44054269 


Production Process
Primary Materials

Sell Ferroalloys

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Micro Silica

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Ferrosilicon Production Factory In Iran

Producer Ferrosilis

Producer Micro Silica

Total Sell Ferrosilis

ProduceWith Good Quality Products

Located In Eshtehard Industrial Town

Satisfaction Of The Consumer

Ferrosilicon Applications


Production Of Electrical Steels – Source Of Silicon – Eoxidizing Purposes Carbon Steels  – Pproduction Of Ferroalloys


 Material For The Production Of Ferrosilicon Magnesium And Foundry Inoculants


A Part Of The Composition Of Electrode Coatings In Arc Welding

Micro Silica Applications

Concrete Remains

The Addition Of Silica Dust To Concrete Remains Inert Initially

Concrete Compaction

Concrete Impermeability